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Set up your Hair game with 15 cool half braids, half sew-in hairstyles

The half braids, half sew-in hairstyles involve the edginess of braids with the versatility of sew-ins. To make this style, two sections of hair are taken, one braided and the other featuring a sew-in weave or hair extensions.

What does mean by sew-in hairstyles?

  • Sew-in hairstyles refer to a hair installation technique where hair extensions are sewn onto the head using a needle and thread.
  • This method involves braiding the base of the hair and then attaching the extensions to the braids.
  • Sew-ins can be categorized into different types, including partial and full sew-ins, each offering various levels of styling and maintenance.

Exploring the half braids, half sew-in hairstyles in today’s trend

Half braids, half sew-in hairstyles are a unique and modern style involving different styling ranges like:

Half weave half braids

The half weave braids style is creative and combines two different hair techniques to generate a unique blend.

Half-up half-down feed in braids with half sew-in weave

The hair is sectioned from ear to ear, with the top section featuring feed-in cornrow braids that are plaited into an updo. The back section of the hair is attached with a sew-in weave, which adds volume and length to the overall style.

Half braids, Bantu knots with half sew-ins

In this styling, one of the two sections of the hair is braided into Bantu knots. The style is versatile and can be customized to suit various hair types and preferences.

Half-stitch, half crochet

Half-stitch, half-crochet hairstyles refer to a unique blend of braiding and crocheting techniques used to create intricate and versatile hairstyles. The hair is divided into two sections, one featuring half-stiches and the other featuring crochet braids.

Half braids, half sew-in straight hair

The half-braid starts from the scalp and moves along the hair downward, creating a natural-looking effect. This style is suitable for straight hair, which allows for a clean and sleek finish.

Half, braids, half sew-in hairstyles with curls

This hairstyle is suitable for curly hair and involves plaiting half of the hair in braids and the other half in a sew-in weave, creating a breathtaking design ideal for soft or curly hair.

Zig Zag Half stitch and half sew-in

One half of the head is styled with zig-zag pattern braids using the half-stitch technique. The other half of the head involves a sew-in weave, an extension to add texture and volume. The zig-zag braids add a cool look.

Half braids, half sew-in hairstyles with beads

This type of half braids,half sew-in hairstyles involves the beads or accessories installed to the hair at the end. Moreover, the braiding technique is the same as mentioned above.

Tribal cornrows with burgundy Curly Quick weave

This style features tribal cornrows with the softness of a burgundy curly quick weave. The tribal cornrows are braided into intricate patterns, while the curly quick weave adds volume and texture to the overall look.

Stitch braids with a straight lace wig

To get this style, start by braiding the hair into stitch braids. You can use a braiding spray to help hold the braids in place. Make sure to braid the hair tightly to ensure that the braids stay in place.

Wavy quick weave with Defined Edges

The wavy quick weave is a type of hair extension, attached to the scalp using a quick weave method, while the defined edges are created using a hair styling technique that features hair serum or pomade to define the edges of the hair.

Fulani sew-in  braids with curly lace

The Fulani braiding is an African braiding technique that features the hair into intricate braiding patterns. The braids are sewn into the lace wig using a sewing technique. This makes the stitch weave secure and long-lasting.

Side Fulani braids with straight sew-in

The hair extension attached to the scalp of hair is typically straight. It possesses a seamless blend with natural hair.

Dark brown feed in braids with weave

The feed-in braids are done using dark brown hair extensions or synthetic hair. This features a rich, deep color that complements a wide range of skin tones.

Maze braids with curly sew-in

Maze braids are a type of braiding technique where hair is braided into patterns. The braids are done in a maze-like pattern, with the hair braided in way that creates a maze-like design on the scalp.

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