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Unleash your beauty with 14 Face-framing balayage highlights: A Modern Hair Trend

Face-framing balayage is a hair technique in which balayage color is strategically placed in lighter or brighter tones around the face to accentuate features and add dimension.

Introducing the term “balayage”

The term balayage comes from the French word “balayer, ” meaning to paint or sweep. It is known to be a free-hand coloring technique using the brush.

The benefits of face-framing balayage highlights

The several key benefits of face-framing balayage highlights are mentioned below

  • The highlights around the face draw attention to the eyes, cheekbones, and jawline.
  • It creates a natural and sun-kissed effect.
  • The balayage can be customized to the specific texture of your hair type.
  • The balayage technique parents damage from chemicals at the roots.

Briefing the list of face-framing balayage highlights on Dark hair

Here is a glimpse of the best shades of face-framing balayage highlights on dark hair.

Toffee Highlights on Brown Hair

A pre-lightener is used to create a toffee brown look.  After toning the hair, toning with soft toffee hues is essential. This includes applying warm, golden brown for the base and a light toffee brown or blonde for the highlights.

Amber balayage tresse

The Amber balayage tresses involve warm amber highlights on a black-brown base. This technique enhances lighter brown or blonde hair, adding richness and lightness to the hair color.

Ash bronde hair

Ash Beyond Hair is a stunning blend of ashy blonde and brown shades, creating an amazing and balanced look. This color combination works wonders to balance cool and warm tones in your hair, offering a happy medium with a touch of sunshine.

Pink pastel on brown hair

Use light pink hair dye to add a tone of pink color like Loreal Paris Feria’s Multi-faceted shimmering permanent hair color ij Rosy Blush. If you possess platinum blonde hair and want a subtle tint of color, consider using a blush-tone hair gloss to add a pale pink tone that lasts around 10 days.

Root Blur Balayage

This hair color combines elements of root blur with the natural and gradual effect of balayage. It involves darker tones at the roots and lighter tones towards the ends, allowing for longer intervals between color services.

Bold Spirals

The bold spirals are a hair coloring technique that features bright highlights to curls without drastic changes. This style is perfect for thicker, dark hair, creating complexity and depth to the curls while maintaining the natural color.

Sun-kissed balayage

In this hair coloring technique, warm golden highlights are created. It creates a more natural blended appearance. It works well on blonde and brunette hair.

Messy Brown-balayage Waves

The brown balayage features bending warm shades of caramel and honey-blonde tones to complement the natural brown hue of the hair.

Caramel highlights on Brown Lob

The caramel highlights on brown Lob creates a sun-kissed glow to brown hair. The highlights can vary from light caramel to darker, richer tones.

Honey balayage on wavy hair

The free-hand balayage technique is used to create highlights on wavy hair. The highlights are placed around the face, on the ends, and randomly throughout the hair, generating a sun-kissed effect.

Rusty blonde balayage on Dark hair

Rusty blonde balayage on dark hair involves upgrading long and tousled darker waves with rusty blonde highlights, creating a youthful and fun-loving look.

 Creamy blonde balayage highlights

Creamy blonde balayage highlights feature soft, natural-looking tones of creamy blonde with darker, more muted shades of dirty blonde in a gradual and blended transition. It is a low-maintenance option compared to traditional highlights, as the regrowth is less noticeable and you can go longer between touch-ups.

Barbie-style brown hair

It’s a Barbie doll-inspired hair transition. This style creates a chic and fashionable look by blending warm shades of caramel and honey-blonde tones with a natural brown base.

Multicolored face-framing balayage

The Multicolored technique involves lighter or brother tones around the face to add dimension and highlight key areas, ranging from subtle sun-kissed looks to bold pops of color.

Summary: The term balayage comes from the French word “balayer, ” meaning to paint or sweep. It is known to be a free-hand coloring technique using the brush.

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