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How to get the 15 staggering blend of icy blonde balayage with dark roots in 2024

Icy blonde balayage with dark roots is the latest and modern hair color transition that blends cool blonde tones with darker roots for a striking contrast. This look involves incorporating icy or platinum blonde highlights into the hair while keeping the roots darker, creating a seamless transition from dark to light. The dark root adds depth and dimension to the overall hairstyle, making it low maintenance and effortlessly chic. Here are mentioned some of the popular icy blonde balayage with dark roots.

Icy honey balayage highlights

To achieve an icy honey balayage highlight look, you can combine the warmth of honey tones with cool icy blonde highlights for a stunning and multidimensional hairstyle. This style blends the richness of honey hues with the brightness of icy blonde, creating a unique contrast.

Light smokey grey with a dark base color

To get this stunning hair color, you can consider using a very light smokey gray shade like Formesi Eclectic 9SE. This specific shade offers a light and cool-toned grey color that can be applied to hair with a dark base to create a striking contrast.

Creamy blonde highlights on light brown hair

Creamy blonde highlights on light brown hair create a beautiful and eye-catching transition, enhancing the overall look with a touch of brightness and dimension.

Dark hair with a smokey blonde hue

The combination of dark hair with a smokey blonde hue creates a sophisticated and modern look that blends richness with coolness for a striking contrast. Smokey blonde hues can range from icy white ti a darker blonde with gray undertones, offering a cooler and edgier alternative to traditional blonde shades.

Icy Ash blonde with root shadow

The icy Ash blonde color features cool tones with hints of gray and silver, creating a sophisticated and trendy appearance.

Multi-dimensional Toasted Coconut Hair

Multi-dimensional toasted coconut hair involves creating a rich and varied color palette that transitions from dark roots to creamy and bright blonde ends, incorporating different tones and shades for a multi-dimensional effect.

Long icy blonde balayage with dark roots

Long icy blonde balayage with dark roots offers a low maintenance and fashionable style that relies on proper root blending and toning for a flattering look. It also offers versatility, complements various skin tones, and creates a winter-perfect hairstyle that is seasonal.

Pearl blonde highlights on Black hair

Techniques like balayage, foliage, and color blocking are used to achieve the multi-dimensional effect of pearl blonde highlights on black hair, creating a visually appealing and trendy hairstyle.

Icy white baby lights with darker roots

The combination is flattering for various skin tones, providing a fresh and edgy twist to traditional blonde hair.

Ashy Grey tones for Mid-length balayage Hair

The Ashy Grey tones provide a classy look, It can be carried formally.

Cool Gray highlights with a Root shadow

The cool grey effect gives a head-turning look. This combination enhances the beauty of hair to the next level, giving a snowy effect.

Icy blonde with Omber Blayage

Icy-blonde with Omber blayage creates a more natural, sun-kissed effect compared to traditional highlighting methods. It can be achieved by Starting with an icy blonde base color and then adding omber balayage highlights, typically in a slightly darker shade than the base color.

Silvery Blonde Blayage Omber waves

This is a variant of blonde hair leaning towards the metallic or silvery tone. Waves can be added to the hair to get the volume, texture, and movement.

Rooted Frosty Blonde Hair balayage

The balayage technique to the rooted frosty blonde hair results in a sophisticated and dimensional hair color that combines the natural-looking depth of rooted hair with the icy coolness of frosty blonde tones.

Straight Icy Blonde Hair with Lowlights

The straight icy blonde hair with lowlights enhances the sleekness and modernity of the overall look. Te icy blonde color with dark ends provides depth to the hair.


Icy blonde balayage with dark roots is the latest and modern hair color transition that blends cool blonde tones with darker roots for a striking contrast.

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