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Exploring the best Shave-on-the-side Hairstyles Trending in 2024

Women like shave-on-the-side hairstyles due to their bold and edgy appearance, which possesses a unique and stylish touch. These hairstyles are famous among celebrities and influencers. The Shave-on-the-side hairstyles offer a face-framing effect and volume

The list of bold Shave-on-the-side hairstyles includes:

Swept back short Shave-on-the-side hairstyles

This style features short hair on top, swept back, and shaved sides or an undercut. Short, spiky layers on top are swept back and tapered towards the bottom. One or both sides are shaved, often with a fade or design.

Subtle shaved bob

This haircut combines the classic bob style with a subtle shaved element. This haircut features a bob length incorporated by a shaved section, adding a modern twist to the traditional bob style.

Shave design on the back of the head

The shave design on the back of the head involves different patterns, shapes, and intricate designs. It allows for a unique styling. Designs may vary from easy to complex patterns.

Straight Bob with shaved Temple

The bob style falls around the chin or slightly below the chin. The Temple area is shaved, creating a contrast with the longer hair. The shaved section can be plain or shaved with the pattern. It’s a unique option for those experimenting with a shaved look without fully committing to an undercut. The shaved temple provides the face-framing effect.

Star design bottom shaved hair

A star pattern is carved into the button section of the hair, adding a bold statement. The cold choice allows you to express creativity and stand out. The design is visible when hair is pulled up or back.

Layered and shaved underneath

The longer hair on the top can be styled in several ways, such as swept back, messy, or sleek. The shaved section creates a unique contrast and illusion of more volume and texture. The shaved section can easily be covered with long layers on the top of the head.

Bold Side-cut for longer hair

This style is a unique blend of sophistication and boldness, allowing individuals to express their individuality through different haircuts. It has a unique title “ Pure Badassery” and is recently trending in the fashion scene offering a modern look.

Geometric Nape Undercut

This hairstyle involves the different patterns carved into the nape of the neck. It features intricate geometric shapes, or lines shaved into the hair at the back of the neck.

Undercut pink Shave-on-the-side hairstyles

The pink undercut hairstyles involve mohawk, blonde bob, long blonde waves, blonde faux hawk, buzz cut, purple pixie cut, and colorful extensions.

Long Sleek Pony with shaved Lineup

The hair is tied back into a high or mid-ponytail, ensuring a sleek and smooth finish. A lineup is made along the hairline, giving a clean and precise edge to the forehead and temples. A lineup can created by shaving or trimming the sides of the head.

Straight hair with Shave-on-the-side hairstyles

The side shaved hairstyles are considered face-framing styles. They offer versatility, trendiness, and a modern edge look.

Undercut Long Pixie with Quiff

The quiff hair adds volume and texture to the hairstyle. This hairstyle combines the longer top section of a pixie cut with a shaved or shorter undercut section at the sides and back.

Bicoherent Pixie with Shave-on-the-side hairstyles

In pixie cut, both sides are shaved with plain or intricate designs. The sides are shaved using clippers, leaving a clean and defined line between the longer hair and the shaved area.

Half-shaved head pony

The longer hair is tied in a ponytail, depending on one’s choice. The style works well with different hair textures, including straight, wavy, and curly hair.

Lotus design undercut pixie

A lotus flower pattern is carved on the shaved area of the head. The top section of the hair creates volume.


These style features short hair on top, swept back, and shaved sides or an undercut. Short, spiky layers on top are swept back and tapered towards the bottom.

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