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Elevate your beauty with 15 dark copper hair color embracing a rich and warm aesthetic

Dark copper hair is a familiar hair color choice that combines the richness of dark brown shades with the warm undertones of copper. This hair color creates an enchanting and elegant look when done correctly. It includes several shades ranging from rich auburn to ginger and satsuma, with various shades of red, copper, and auburn mixed in.

Dark copper hair Bronze color

This shade of copper bronze hair color is a rich and warm shade that combines the depth of copper with the sophistication of bronze. It is perfect for those wanting to create a striking and unique look while maintaining a natural appearance.

  • It can be achieved with various shades, such as the 6.4 Dark Copper Blonde, which has no other reflections except for copper and a 6 DARK bLONDE base. 
  • Another option is the 7.46 Rich Copper Red, which is a fuller shade with deep, rich copper and red tones.

When considering this hair color, it is essential to:

  • Consult a professional stylist to achieve the desired result.
  • Use sulfate-free, color-protecting hair care products to maintain the color.
  • Consider blending copper with other shades, like brown or blonde, to create a unique and natural look.

Dusty Light Copper Hair Color

“Dusty light copper hair color” is a soft and subtle shade of red with a touch of copper, which doesn’t need to be noisy. It is a warm and glowing hue that can compliment fair skin and light eyes, making it a great option for those looking for a gentle and natural-looking change in their hair color. This shade falls within the spectrum of copper hair colors, which can range from subtle to bold and can be tailored to different skin tones. It is recommended to consult a professional stylist to achieve the desired result and to use sulfate-free,color-protecting hair care products to maintain the color.

Dark Copper Hair Color with Depth

This amazing  Hair contrast can be obtained by mixing chocolate brown and dark copper to deliver a long-lasting style where the brown color stays and the copper color washes out.

Creamy Copper Hair Color with Highlights

Creamy copper hair color with highlights is a beautiful and versatile shade that can be achieved by adding lighter streaks to a copper base. This hair color can be achieved with various shades, such as a warm golden pink tint of copper or a rich and shiny copper red. It is better to visit a professional for the application of colors.

Metallic Copper hair color

Metallic copper hair color for beginners is a great option for those who want to try a copper shade but are still deciding about going all-in. A softer shade of copper is a smart selection for newcomers to the world of red hair, and a bit of metallic can elevate the look.

Soft Copper Blonde Hair Color

This shade of copper combines the rich hues of copper with the rosy tones to get the desired look.

Highlights on Bown Base

The flaming highlights on a brown base can create a stunning and vibrant look. When adding flaming copper highlights to a brown base, it’s important to consider the contrast and overall effect you want to get.  This shade can be done by using a vibrant and intense copper shade, such as 8.44 intense copper blonde, to create a bold and fiery look. For effective results, you must visit the consultant.

Shiny copper weaves with a Boost of Red

To get shiny copper weaves with a boost of red, you can follow the following key steps.

  • You take services like, Goldwell offers a service for dimensional shimmering, and soft copper contrast for a smooth transition between blonde and red, giving a subtle and soft effect.
  • Wella’s formulas feature a fiery blend of 99/44+77/43 for copper with a boost of red.

Seamless Copper Hair Transition

The Seamless Copper Hair transition can be achieved by combining reddish and yellowish hues while going from dark to light is a great idea if you want to get a balance of pink or golden undertones.

Deep Brown with Copper Highlights

“Deep Brown with Copper Highlights” refers to a hair coloring technique that involves adding copper-toned highlights to deep brown hair. This style creates a classy and vigilant look. The copper highlights can be strategically placed to add depth and dimension to the hair, complementing the brown color.

Apricot highlights on warm brown weaves

The apricot highlights with brown weaves refer to a hair technique that involves adding apricot-toned highlights to warm brown hair. The apricot highlights vary from warm coppery reds to lighter strawberry blondes, creating a vibrant and sun-kissed effect.

Streaky copper colored Hair

This hair color involves incorporating intense-toned stripes or highlights into the hair, typically on a base of warm brown or chestnut. It provides a unique and vibrant look with a radiant effect.

Copper Balayage with Rosewood Feel

This color technique involves adding seamless balayage with copper, auburn, and even burgundy hues. It can create a natural and radiant effect, complementing the skin tone.

Copper Ginger Hair

This style creates a warm and vibrant look by blending the rich copper tones with the natural hair color. This hair color combination is generated through a careful coloring process and can be maintained using specific hair care products designed for copper-colored hair.

Copper orange hair color with subtle Money Piece

Copper orange hair color with subtle Money Piece includes dyeing the hair with a vibrant copper-orange hue and adding a face-framing” money piece” in a lighter, complementary shade. The money piece is a technique where a bold,lighter-colored section is placed around the face to create a striking contrast and add dimension to the overall look. This style can be achieved through careful coloring and is a popular choice for those seeking a bold yet nuanced hair color. To maintain the vibrancy of the copper orange color, specific hair care products designed for copper-colored air can be used.


Dark copper hair can suit a wide range of skin tones, but it’s essential to select the right shade that goes with your skin tone. The dark copper hair varies in different shades. Copper highlights can be added to dark brown hair to create a more textured look. Moreover Achieving dark copper hair may involve bleaching the hair to lighten it and then applying the hair copper.

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