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20 Trendy Cool Pop Smoke Braids Hairstyles for 2024

What are pop smoke braids?

Pop Smoke Braids: The real name of Pop Smoke is Bashar Barakah Jackson, a rapper from Brooklyn, New York who achieved a reputation in the early 2020s. He was called for his separate braided hairstyle, which he frequently used in a half-up, half-down way. Pop Smoke was gunfired and killed in a home attack in February 2020, at the age of 20. His death was hugely grieved by fans and fellow musicians in hip-hop society.

1. Stitched Pop Smoke Braid

Pop Smoke Braids

The pop smoke braids can be rolled around warning any idea of your choice, however, stitch structures, like this, provide a complex but charming view.

2. Simple Pop Smoke Braid

Simple Pop Smoke Braid

While pop smoke braids are so far simple braids, some can be simpler than others, this is where this easy pop smoke braid drops in. It is simple and cool.

3. Stylish Pop Smoke Braid

Stylish Pop Smoke Braid

Intending how to style is significant for braided hairstyles, whether you desire something easy, or something stylish and complex. For a stylish pop smoke braid, provide this an attempt.

4. Intricate Pop Smoke Braid

Intricate Pop Smoke Braid

An intricate pop smoke braid blades people awe and calculate. If you desire to wander crowds, select this.

5. Banana Pop Smoke Braid

Banana Pop Smoke Braid

This style, as the name implies is styled and braided in huge banana braids, also known as jumbo braids. The style is amazing, easy, and wonderful.

6. Large Pop Smoke Braid

Large Pop Smoke Braid

Pop Smoke braids can never air off the trend cycle, and they can be swayed in amazing huge braids, for those who wouldn’t to taut themselves much.

7. Zig Zag Pop Smoke Braid

Zig Zag Pop Smoke Braid

Zig-zag patterns consistently have a method of forming braids that look extraordinary.

8. Curved Pop Smoke Braid

Do unique separate styles adorn you? Then try this out and enjoy the amazing result.

9. Feed-In Pop Smoke Braids

Feed-In Pop Smoke Braid

You can provide this charming feed-in braid as an attempt if you are a fan of unique cool braids.

10. Short Jumbo Pop Smoke Braid

Short Jumbo Pop Smoke Braid

Are you an addict of short jumbo braids? Try this out.

11. Long Pop Smoke Braid

Long Pop Smoke Braid

Surveying hair length when determining to install pop smoke braids is charming and needed. The long pop smoke braid is best for all those who would not mind expanding their braid length.

12. Love Pop Smoke Braid

Love Pop Smoke Braid

This is planar perfect. Why not hollow the love structure into your pop smoke braid and see how cute you would seem?

13. Jazzy Pop Smoke Braid

Jazzy Pop Smoke Braid

Do you desire a distinctive jazzy style? Something distinctive, unique, and prompt? Look at this smoothie style.

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14. Layer Pop Smoke Braids

Layer Pop Smoke Braid

Layers are amazing, focusing when carried in braids. This is one layered braided hairstyle you should take a bit to glow at.

15. Colorful Pop Smoke Braids

Colorful Pop Smoke Braid

Here is a look at this colorful pop smoke braid only for you. It is charming, lenient, and simple to show off.

16. Sleek Zig Zag Pop Smoke Braids

Sleek Zig Zag Pop Smoke Braid

Yes! Pop smoke braids can be smooth, glossy, and amazing. If you desire a duplicate of this, call your stylist immediately and quickly.

17. Mid-Back Pop Smoke Braids

Mid Back Pop Smoke Braid

With pop smoke braids, you can never smooth out charming looks to glam and survey.

18. Polished Pop Smoke Braids

Pop Smoke Braids

Aren’t stylists perfect? Innovation is not just restricted to a specific part of life, because it can be looked at here, in this style!

19. Round Pop Smoke Braid

Round Pop Smoke Braid

Similarly to the name, this pop smoke hairstyle is braided in a twisted way, bolstered up by separate braid sizes.

20. Chic Pop Smoke Braid

Easy and huge chic pop smoke braids similar to this, should be proudly, and amazingly bloom.

How long does pop smoke braid last?

Pop smoke braids are similar to general cornrows, and can exist for at most 4-6 weeks if appropriately preserved and cared for.

How to maintain pop smoke braid?

The three basic maintenance methods for this way of braid are using wetting items, cleaning only when needed, and covering a silky miter at night.


Pop smoke braids are presently one of the most famed hairstyle trends. Its easy concerns to different hair kinds, separate outcomes, and a huge diversity of styles are quite charming. If you provide it a trial, I can assure you won’t be guilty of what you did.

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