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How to do 20 Impressive Cornrows to the Side in 2024?

When it appears to protective styles, you don’t receive lower maintenance than cornrows. After many hours in the chair (generally, fewer hours than you’d have to spend getting box braids). But don’t let that comfort fool you: Conrows can also be hugely adaptable. By trading with color, positioning, and accessories, you can have a style as amazing as it is easy.

1:Pigtail Cornrows


If you like a sporty appearance that feels stylish at the same time, you might desire to try out some pigtail cornrows. Not only will your hair be out of your face, but it will also be intricate and support your characteristics. For a more shower style, you can sum up mini braids at the side of your head to complement the huge cornrows.

2:Rainbow Center Parted Braids

A defined middle part always generates a statement. Push that statement more with multicolored cornrows segregated off flush instead of vertically. The symmetry is amazing.

3:Beaded Straight Back Cornrows

In the prior aughts, Alicia Keys was called for rocking stunning Fulani-style braids, and we’re especially fond of this beaded version. (And the vibrant eye makeup enhances the appeal.)

4:Simple Straight Back Cornrows

You can wish for designs with cornrows, but effortless straight-back plaits should not be slept on. Sum up a few thick sections (and hair extensions if you desire), and you’ll certainly steal the show.

5:Cornrows with Slicked-Down Baby Hair

Cornrow hairstyles allow you to display your baby hairs front and center normally. Grasp your favorite corner control gel and go to town. For a romantic gaze, lay your baby hair in swoops and twists.

6:Half Cornrow Crown

Remember in the ’90s and early ’00s when it was famous to cornrow the front of your hair and leave the rest out in spiral curls? Well, the look is back, but this time, it’s all about allowing your natural hair to do its thing. After bounding your braids to generate a crown, instead of thrusting them away, leave them out for a beautiful disparity.

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7:Blonde Cornrow High Ponytail

Not goggling to have your hair in your face all day? Normally cornrow the front of your head by a few inches and braid depraved like orderly box braids. With that method, you can easily sweep back your hair. And remember: The higher the ponytail, the more hitting it will be.

8:Traditional Shuruba/Albaso Cornrows

Ethiopia and Eritrea are home to a stunning cornrow hairstyle called a “Shuruba” or “Albaso.” With this style, the front half of the hair is cornrowed down like a crown while the rest is let down for a gorgeous half-up, half-down hairdo. For exceptional events, a headband can be added to revive the look.

9:Sunbeam Cornrows

These multi-dimensional cornrows revive a portion of the blaze to the classic slick-back look. The soothing touch of baby hair is also an undertone.

10:Half Cornrow, Half Box Braid

Can’t elect between a cornrow or box braid style? No problem—you can join the two (and generate bold braid patterns while you’re at it). For a festive wintery glare, attempt a six-pointed snowflake shape.

11:Cornrows With a Full Ponytail

Actress Chanté Adams looks amazing in cornrows pulled back into a voluminous hairstyle.

12:Blue Cornrow Top Bun

A perm is an enlightened hairstyle that sets brightening with cornrows. Most might opt for a low-placed bun, but if you desire to stand out, braid your hair into a stimulated topknot. The style glares extra stunning in bold shades of blue.

13:Gold Wires In Braids

You’ve seen what a cornrow top tie glares like—here’s what a low bun gaze like, with glam gold thread interspersed, on the talented Bianca Lawson.

14:Half-Up Space Buns

If you desire a style that’s equal parts regal and easy, an amazing set of half-up space buns may be just what you want. Retaining the front part of your hair neatly cornrowed ensures durability, while the braids toward the back are beautifully free. Sum up some wily corners or adoring glamour, and get ready for the compliments to stream.

15:Pink Bob

Did you think you couldn’t attain a beautiful bob hairstyle with cornrows? It’s more than possible (and looks glamorous with lopsided braided parts). Submit some pastel pink extensions for a tense yet mushy gaze.

16:Red Braided Updo

Take your cornrow hairstyle up an incise with a robust red tint. Trust us, you’ll put away traffic.

17:Alternating Thin and Thick Braids

Model and actress Jourdan Dunn is no bizarre to assessing with hairstyles, and of course, this consists of cornrows. If you desire to copy her style, sum up two mini cornrows between the main ones and leave your baby hairs out, sans gel.

18:Beaded Accent Cornrows with Afro Puffs


If only the cornrow part isn’t enough, you can always choose two and generate an accented hairstyle. Afro puffs are dynamic when paired with cornrows, generally, if you add charms and other accessories to finish the look. We also love it when the rosary can be pitched in.

19:Platinum Middle-Part Plaits

Lighter colors are inclined to generate the details of your cornrow hairstyle pop, and this is generally true with a pale shade like platinum. To sum up extra definition, change between braid sizes.

20:Old Hollywood Cornrows


The swirling, finger-waved cornrows Amandla Stenberg wore to the 2019 Oscars gave huge Old Hollywood. (And we’re type of obsessed.)

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