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Discover the perfect highlights for long hair in 2024

The stunning highlights for long hair offer a versatile and timeless way to enhance natural beauty and create a multidimensional look. Highlights can be subtle or bold, and they complement a wide range of skin tones and hair textures. Some popular highlighting techniques and color combinations for long hair include

Chunky highlights

Chunky highlights for long hair offer a bold and Striking look with dimension and volume. Unlike the Chunky highlights of the 90s which were stripey and brassy, modern chunky highlights are seamless with a statement-making edge.

Balayage highlights for long hair

Choose a contrasting color that complements your base color skin tone. Use wider weaves for the highlights to create a chunkier effect.

Foil highlights for long hair

Foil highlights for long hair are a popular highlighting technique that creates a more precise and controlled placement of color. Foil involves weaving small sections of hair and applying color to them before wrapping them in foil to process.


Babylights are thin, delicate highlights that look like the natural highlights that children often have. They are typically applied using a freehand technique, and the result is a soft and natural-looking effect that adds dimension and depth to the hair.

Ribbon highlights

The ribbon highlighting technique involves coloring full strips of hair, from grown-out roots through to the ends, with a lighter hue throughout the entirety of the hair in ribbon-like pieces. Instead of the highlight being heavy on the ends of the hair, the lighter-colored ribbons twist throughout the full length of the hair, whether you have shorter or longer hair.

Ombre highlights for long hair

Ombre highlights for long hair are a trendy highlighting technique that involves gradually transitioning from a darker color at the roots to a lighter color at the ends. It creates a blended effect that looks beautiful when styled in loose waves or curls

Sombre highlights

Sombre highlights, also known as low-key ombre, is a low-maintenance hair color technique that creates a subtle and natural-looking transition from darker roots to lighter ends.

Frosted streaks

The frosted streaks technique involves scattering contrasting highlights on longer locks, typically in cool blonde tones, or sparkling hues, like ash, platinum, or beige. Frosted hair is achieved by using a color that is only a few shades lighter than the base color, resulting in a more natural and seamless blend.

Pastel highlights for long hair

To achieve pastel highlights on long hair, consider the following tips, choose a pastel color that complements your base color and skin tone. Pre-lighten your hair to a very light blonde, which requires a lot of maintenance and may take 4-8 weeks of root touch-ups and treatments to prevent damage and unwanted fading.

Auburn highlights

Auburn highlights are a great way to add warmth and dimension to long hair. They can be achieved by adding honey blonde, warm copper, or light auburn highlights to natural brown shades, creating a charming and textured look.

Neon Blue

To get neon blue highlights use a semi-permanent, non-oxidative hair color like the chroma silk vivids neons neon blue, which is designed to be used without a developer. Apply the neon blue color using a balayage, or babylights technique for a more customized look.

Ash Blonde

Ash blonde highlights are a versatile and low-maintenance option for long hair. They can be achieved through various techniques such as balayage, babylights, or traditional foils. Ash blonde highlights offer a cooler tone than honey or golden blondes, ranging from icy white to a darker blonde with gray undertones.

Teal highlights for long hair

Teal highlights provide an astonishing look to your personality.

Beautiful Fire Red highlights

Choose a fire-red hair color that complements your skin tone and personal style. Fire red highlights can range from a bold, vibrant red to a more subdued, natural-looking red, so it’s important to select a shade that aligns with your desired outcome.

Light Blonde highlights for long hair

Pre-lighten your hair to a very light blonde to ensure the base is light enough to allow the light blonde highlights to stand out. Light blonde highlights can range from a bright, platinum blonde to a more natural-looking blonde, so it’s important to select a shade that aligns with your desired outcome.

Red wine highlights

Use color-safe products and consider scheduling regular touch-ups to keep your red wine highlights looking their best. Red wine highlights may require more upkeep to maintain their richness. For best results, especially when making a significant color change, it’s advisable to seek the expertise of a professional colorist who can help you achieve the perfect red wine highlights for your long hair.

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