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Embrace your unique look with 15 short dread styles for women in fashion

The short dread styles for women have been popular for the past few years. Dreadlocks in every plane make the best statement hairstyles that are not possible with wavy or curly hair. One should be careful with dreadlocks because having locs on your head in a long-term commitment to yourself requires your attention, time, and investment.

Side swept short dread styles for women

This style exposes the face on one side and is flirtatious but straightforward to create. It offers a fabulous and unconventional appearance, accentuating the look excellently.

Asymmetrical dreadlocks

Asymmetrical dreadlocks are a stylish option for women with short hair. This style involves having dreads of different lengths on each side, creating a unique and edgy look. It’s a popular choice for those looking to express their individuality and creativity through their hair. Whether you are considering untwisting your current dreads for an asymmetrical look or starting fresh, asymmetrical dreadlocks can offer a distinctive and eye-catching hairstyle.

Dreadlock bangs

Try folding your dreadlocks and pinning them back to see if you like the look before committing to it. You can create loc knots or loc petals to try out the look before cutting your dreadlocks. There also may include dreadlock fringe with bangs which contains your dreadlocks into fringe, giving your hair a unique and stylish appearance.

Naturally black

These dreads are crafted with authenticity in mind, exuding effortless charm and individuality.

Blonde short deadlock

The blonde short dread styles for women involve the following styles blonde dreadlock extensions that are made of synthetic hair and can be easily attached to your natural hair to create a stylish and unique look, blonde short dreadlocks with finger waves creating finger waves on your dreadlocks, giving your hair a sophisticated and elegant look and blonde dreadlock with braided faux locs updo combines blonde dreadlocks with a braided faux locs updo, offering a chic look.

Double buns locs

Double buns loc, also known as loc space buns, are a unique way to wear dreadlocks. Here are some ideas for double bun locks:

Easy two-buns loc hairstyle: This style involves dividing your dreadlocks into two sections and creating two buns on the top of your head.Loc space buns: This style involves creating two buns on the top of your head, giving your hair a cute and playful appearance.

Loc Petal bun: This style comprises twisting your dreadlocks into a two-strand twist and then creating a bun with the twisted locs, giving your hair a stylish and unique appearance.Double buns with loc petals: combines the loc petal bun with two buns on the top of your head, offering a stylish look.

Colored dreadlocks styles for women

There are many colored short dread styles for women to choose from. Here are some listings below:

Dyed dreads: You can dye your dreadlocks any color you desire to achieve your desired appearance.

Faux locs with highlights: This style involves braiding your hair into faux locs and adding highlights to create a unique and stylish look. Colored dreadlock extensions: You can add colored dreadlock extensions to your natural hair to create a colorful and eye-catching look.

Mohawk style

A mohawk style offers a bold and edgy look, and they are popular among both men and women. Some ideas for mohawk dreadlock styles include a Long Mohawk with dreads and exposed sides: This style features a long mohawk with dreads pulled back to create a ponytail, revealing the shaved sides. This style is often created in short dreadlocks with shaved sides, creating a head-turning appearance.

Thick dread styles for women

The thick short dread styles for women can be created in various styles like bun, or straight long dreads giving an enchanting look.

Faux dread styles for women

It features faux locs on one side and adds beads for a touch of elegance. These hairstyles give you a formal look and elevate your look to the next level.

Curly dreadlocks for short hair

You need at least a few inches of hair to work with when starting dreadlocks, but it’s possible to start with as little as one inch of hair. Brush your short hair with a soft bristle brush pad to create small, entangled, and curly hairballs. This process may take some time. After brushing your hair into small entangled and curly hairballs, apply a natural and organic dreadlock gel or cream to help the hair lock and form into dreadlocks.

Deepblue dreadlocks

The “deep blue” is a specific shade of blue and could be achieved by dyeing dreadlocks with blue hair dye. This would result in a striking and vibrant blue color for the dreadlocks. It’s important to dye the hair carefully or visit a professional to avoid any damage to the hair. Additionally, using specialized hair dye for dreadlocks is recommended to ensure the best results.

Inverted bob dread

The inverted bob is a hairstyle with stacked layers at the back that gradually get longer in the front. It is possible to combine the inverted bon haircut with dreadlocks to create a unique and stylish look. This combination would involve styling the hair into an inverted bob while allowing the hair to lock and form into dreadlocks.

Criss-cross dreadlocks

Make sure your hair is clean and dry before attempting to create criss-cross deadlocks. This will prevent tangles and make the process smoother. Divide your hair into sections, depending on the desired thickness of your criss-cross dreadlocks. This will make it convenient to work with and create a more uniform look. To create the criss-cross pattern, start by twisting or braiding one section of your hair. Then, take a second section of hair and cross it over the first section, creating a criss-cross pattern.

Finger waves dreadlocks

Divide your hair into sections, depending on the volume of your finger waves dreadlocks. To create the finger wave pattern, use a rat tail comb to create a wave pattern in each section of your hair. Then, use your fingers to shape the waves and secure them with hair ties or pins.

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